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Josie is an intuitive energy healer and founder to Eleven Healing. It is clear that Josie’s practice comes very naturally to her and sharing this gift is a source of joy and healing for many as the likes of Vogue, i_D and Tatler have, quite rightly, begun to take notice. Here Josie speaks about her dreams, inspirations and how energy healing can help you and what to expect in her sessions.

Has your journey to becoming a healer come naturally to you?

I had some experiences with spirit as a young girl and I was always interested in tarot readings and mediums as a teenager but I never knew about spiritual healing or consciousness, spirituality was just something I always connected with deep in my heart. It was in 2011 at 22 years old that I had an intense spiritual awakening and realised my healing abilities. I started to see energy and feel it strongly in my hands. I felt my hands guided around peoples bodies and energy fields as I could sense lumps and bumps where there were blockages and imbalances really tangibly. Naturally I would just pull the energy around and had an innate knowing of what to do, it wasn't something I had to think about. In the beginning I would cry tears after I done it for people but it was not sadness, it was like a release because for the first time I felt like I was truly home. It is hard to put into words. It was like a deep remembering in my soul. I knew my calling had found me and it gradually changed my entire life. It ignited a journey of self-healing and transformation and after a few years of exploring healing intuitively for friends I decided I could not wait any longer to take it to the next level. I launched my professional practice Eleven Healing 5 years ago in Ibiza in the summer of 2014 and I have literally devoted my life to be in service to divine and therefore humanity ever since. 

How would you describe your healing gifts?

I am highly sensitive and empathic so I sense the emotions and feelings of others. My hands also sense energy, meaning energy feels very tangible and physical to me. In a session I allow my hands to be guided around a person intuitively to find and address blockages. I invite spirit into the sessions to work through me. When I talk about blockages it could be trauma, emotions or pain held within the body and energy which could be causing many different symptoms from physical manifestations, creative blocks, depression and much more. So, when these blocks are released through energy work it can create such shifts and openings in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental levels. It helps bring people back into alignment within and when that happens the world around them often shifts too. If people are ready to awaken then a real process of transformation can occur. 

People often feel the work happening in our sessions very physically and they can twitch where the body is releasing or feel energy rushing through them and sometimes they can drift into higher states of consciousness experiencing visions and insights. Everyone experiences energy so uniquely so it is very different for everyone. 

I also use sound healing in my sessions which really deepens the experience and works so perfectly alongside energy healing as the frequencies really open up the energy and body, communicating with the cells and creating shifts. I use my team of alchemy crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes, drums and I channel light language through my voice. I started speaking light language in my dreams in early 2017 and it came through my voice and hands a couple of months later in my waking life. I have used it in sessions ever since. It is essentially another way for spirit, energy and light codes to channel through to bring healing and shifts for those who are receiving it. It is something which has to be experienced to be truly understood. 

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Who do you think would benefit from your offering?

I honestly believe anyone would. Energy healing meets you where you are so it adapts to everyone uniquely depending on what you need in that moment. Sometimes in subtle ways and other times in profound ways. You do not have to be spiritual or have any particular beliefs or knowledge in healing at all. Whether you may have physical pain, emotional blocks, anxiety or you simply have a desire to connect deeper to yourself and experience more connection to others and the Universe, it knows no boundaries. I passionately believe that energy healing is just as integral to our wellbeing as a healthy diet and regular exercise. I have seen first hand in myself and others, how much as humans we suppress and hold onto in our energy, which then manifests in the physical body. Sometimes people will come for healing as a last resort because they have been suffering with something so long and nothing else has worked and in just 1 session they have walked away pain or ailment free. 

Energy healing goes deep into all layers of our being to find the root cause of an issue so it is also an incredible preventative method if we have regular maintenance sessions too. It is an amazing tool for awakening. It raises our consciousness when we receive healing energy and through this many shifts occur in terms of the way we think, feel and act in life. 

What has been the most defining moment of Eleven Healing’s journey so far?

It is hard to say because I feel every moment of the journey has been so important and integral. However I felt overwhelmed with gratitude at the start of this year when I was featured in i-D, British Vogue and Tatler regarding my healing work. My intention has always been purely to help others and guide them back to themselves. I have honestly never thought about anything else other than my soul purpose, so it felt emotional to see positive reviews on platforms which I respect so much. It made me realise how much wellbeing and healing is becoming more accepted and understood and I feel extremely grateful to be here doing this important work at this time. I believe to truly make a difference on this planet we must go within and face ourselves to heal and expand our own consciousness. This is how we create shifts for ourselves, each other and for those who are yet to come, our future children. It is my life’s work to continue spreading awareness and assisting others to do this. Any way which the message can spread is such a gift so I am really grateful for those features. 

What is your dream for Eleven Healing?

My dream is to create a healing retreat space nestled in beautiful nature somewhere so that I can create a safe place for people to come and experience healing in many different forms for longer periods of time. I know how important it is to have the right space and time for healing to fully integrate. I feel there are many people who need a lot of help right now and who would benefit from having somewhere to go within and process healing with the guidance of trusted people to support them and help them go back into day to day life with grounded tools. I also see the important of coming together with others in community to connect, share and heal together and I want to create a space for that. 

Who inspires you?

I am always deeply inspired by anyone who gives their energy and time to make a positive difference in this world and be the change they wish to see. For those who are standing up for animals so that they do not have to live a life of cruelty, suffering and pain. For those who are speaking up for mother earth. For those who are protecting vulnerable people. For those who are giving people, animals, plants and earth a voice. For those who are helping humanity to wake up and see the truth so that we can rise together. 

The people who I connect with in my sessions, workshops and retreats inspire me so much too. I learn so much from each person. It takes courage and strength to go within and heal trauma and pain. It is not an easy path so I am inspired by all who choose to look within as this is where the change happens. 

What is your favourite ritual?

I love self-healing because it gives me that space to check in with myself. I will set up a beautiful space with candles, incense and music. I channel healing energy through my hands into my energy field and body to find and address any blockages. I always feel so connected to myself and spirit when I go into that space and it really resets my energy levels. Afterwards I feel grounded yet very open. I will do the same with meditation too. I select crystals which I am resonating with and place them on various parts of my body then I lie down to meditate. The crystal energies take meditation and self-healing to new levels. 

If you could rule the world for a day, what would you change? 

This question overwhelms me because there is so much I would want to do. If I had just a day then I would want our beautiful planet to be a place where there is no separation. I want people to experience how it would feel to have a united earth where we could truly see and believe that we are all connected. That I am you and you are me. With this level of consciousness there would be no need for war and suffering. There would be no racism, sexism, discrimination. There would be no fighting over money or power. There would be only equality. Only love and acceptance. Only truth and connection. It is at this level of consciousness that we would understand that Mother Earth is also part of us and so would look after her land, oceans and rivers. We would treat her with respect. I hold this vision in my heart and prayers. 

How can people follow your work and get involved?

You can book one to one sessions and find my upcoming events, retreats and availability on my website. I share one to one energy healing and sound sessions in my practice in East London. I hold regular group sound healing sessions at Re:Mind Meditation Studio (Victoria), Disco Barre Studio (Dalston) and The Mandrake Hotel (Fitzvoria). 

I also hold regular 'Womb Awakening' women only ceremonies and retreats alongside my friend Felicity, ookushana. Our intention is to help women connect deeply to themselves and the divine feminine within. I am really passionate about this mission. You can see upcoming offerings and read all about it here




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